What Is a Ledger Nano Wallet?

The Ledger Nano S wallet is the original hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is where you store your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on hardware such as a USB stick versus on your computer or in an exchange. This type of storage is called cold storage. Your cryptocurrencies are only accessible when plugin into the computer while running the software required.

Is the Ledger Nano Secure?

Your private key, which is used to access your funds, is never exposed. It remains protected withing the secure chip and is designed to withstand highly sophisticated attacks.

This is the most secure method in storing your crypto. The Ledger Nano securely holds your crypto assets and is built around the most secure type of chip on the market. This ensures optimal security.

Ledger Nano Support Coins

The Ledger Nano supports over 23 coins and ERC-20 tokens. You can install between 3 to 20 applications, depending on size, directly on your Ledger device.

Ledger supports all of the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Monero, Ethereum Classic and many more!

Manage your coins and tokens directly from your desktop by using the Ledger Live app.

How Does Nano S Ledger Work?

Once you’ve received your Ledger Nano wallet, the first step is to download and install the Ledger Live App.

Once installed, choose a pin code and make sure to write down your recovery phase.

This is extremely important. Do not lose your recovery phase. Save multiple backups and store your physical written phrase in a secure safe.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Now you can begin installing apps on your device. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more!

Add an account to manage your crypto and you are good to go! By using the Ledger Live app, you can send and receive Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies securely.

Ledger Nano S Discount Code

Ledger does not currency have any discount codes available at this time. We will make sure this stays updated.

Luckily, the Ledger Nano S is very affordable at only $59.00 USD.

I would highly recommend you purchase the Ledger device direct from the official website. It is important to these extra precautions in order to prevent your life savings from being stolen directly from your hardware wallet.