Top 10 Companies that Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

As the Crypto movement continues to gain tremendous momentum, companies from all types of industries are coming out to support the new financial market that is Cryptocurrency. These companies choose to accept Bitcoin and altcoins as legitimate source of payment, which proves to be a viable means of exchange.
Corporations, services and even Governments from around the world are adapting to virtual currency as the potential continues to grow. From donations and services, to paying your taxes and rent, Crypto is the future–and it’s all thanks to Bitcoin.
Here are some of the Best Companies that Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

1. Overstock

Founder & CEO, Patrick Byrne, has always expressed his longstanding beliefs and philosophy regarding a decentralized financial economy. Since being introduced to Bitcoin, he immediately adapted his company to accept the revolutionary cryptocurrency. Overstock is company that sells big ticket items at lower prices. Offering the Best Deals on designer brands and home design, while offering FREE Shipping on most orders. Right now, you can buy thousands of products at with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more! They’ve even partnered with Coinbase to become the first major retailer to accept digital currency.

2. Steam

Valve has partnered with Bitcoin payment service, Bitpay, to bring everyone’s favorite Cryptocurrency to the online and computer gaming platform, Steam. It is the World’s Most Popular online gaming platform with more than 125 Million users, who can now easily purchase a game using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is perhaps the most powerful corporation which has just recently dipped it’s toes in the virtual currency space. Currently, users can purchase content at the Xbox and Windows store using Bitcoin. This multi-billion dollar conglomerate can very easily create a huge shift in the public’s perception of cryptocurrency. Microsoft currently develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, phones and services. They have acquired companies such as Mojang, Skype, LinkedIn and Nokia, over the past few years. Microsoft has also become the first tech giant to enter in the marijuana industry.

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4. Virgin Galactic

Want to go to space? Want to go to space by purchasing a ticket with Bitcoin? Well, now you can. Welcome to the future…$250,000 US Dollars or 25 Bitcoins (at $10,000/BTC) is what it will cost to Space Travel with Virgin Galactic. Virgin’s CEO & Founder, billionaire businessman, Sir Richard Branson, said in an interview for CNBC, that he has invested in Bitcoin in the past and believes in it enough to support the digital currency by accepting it as a form of payment.

5. Save the Children

This major global charity organization, allows you to make a donation via Bitcoin! One of the World’s leading children’s charity works in over 120 countries to provide Education, Healthcare & Disaster relief for children, while protecting their rights. BTC is the donation that will keep on giving.

6. Namecheap

Namecheap is perhaps the first major domain name registrar to Accept Bitcoin as form of payment. This company offers top-notch support and services. Deemed to be the #1 American based ICANN registrar with over 3 million domains. Namecheap has received some notoriety during the public outcry in the US against the SOPA bill and continues to support and create awareness for a decentralized Internet, free from corporate and governement control.

7. Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns and curates Wikipedia, is the World’s Most Popular Free Encyclopedia with 4.5 million+ articles. They official accept donations in digital currency, including Bitcoin. Perhaps following a similar model in the companies beliefs that information as well as currency should be decentralized, free from corporate and government control.

8. Zynga

Social gaming giant, Zynga, announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin for in-app payments for selected games, using payment processor BitPay. Mobile gaming has become a huge part of the economy with over 40 billion US dollars earned Worldwide in 2017 alone. Imagine just 10% of that, 4 billion dollar entering the crypto market each year through mobile gaming and micro-transactions.

9. Square

Square revolutionized the payment processing industry when it first launched in 2009. This payment processor has helped small businesses accept credit cards using mobile phones and tablets. This may not seem like a big deal but Square has really made a huge impact for small businesses and entrepreneurs by creating a simplified, easy-to-use and extremely affordable POS. Anyone can accepts payments anywhere, whether it be at a Starbucks or at the flea market. With Square Cash, payments are deposited in your bank account the same day. Even PayPal as yet to catch up to this technology. It is to no surprise that a company aimed at perfecting the payment processing experience has chose to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment while allowing their users to take part in buying / selling the cryptocurrency.

10. Newegg

Newegg, is an extremely popular online retailer specializing in personal Electronics and Computing equipment. Tech-savvy consumers trust Newegg for their computer hardware. This electronic online superstore accepts cryptocurrency such as, Bitcoin to be used as a payment method directly at their checkout.