Cannabis Cryptocurrency MotaCoin, the Decentralized coin for the Marijuana Industry

Recreational and medical marijuana–including CBD– is legal in all but 4 US states. As a result, the $9 billion industry is booming. However, it’s still prohibited by the federal government. This industry has created countless jobs and opportunities. There are over 9,000 active licenses for marijuana businesses. The density of marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles alone displays just how huge this people’s movement has become. Simultaneously, the financial paradigm that is cryptocurrency, has grown just as strong.

Blockchain technology is tremendously beneficial for the emerging marijuana market. Current federal restrictions are subsequently lagging behind this cultural shift. Banking measures for the industry are constantly being rejected, creating a huge issue for business owners. However, with the introduction of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, the entire infrastructure is being set for innovation.

MotaCoin Overview

MotaCoin — a new decentralized, cryptographic secured ecosystem for the marijuana industry — is the innovation. Their mission is to provide marijuana users a safer, more legitimate, way to purchase cannabis. With the use of the MotaCoin wallet, users can safely store their holdings digitally; without having to involve third-party organizations. The advantage cryptocurrency has over traditional banks is decentralization. Banks profit a huge amount on fees and are well known for freezing user’s accounts. Cryptocurrency users efficiently put the power of their finances back into their own hands.

MotaCoin is an instant payment method specifically designed for the cannabis industry. Users can pay, receive and check their MotaCoin balance in real time. The highly efficient blockchain technology that the cannabis cryptocurrency is built upon allows for ultra-low fees which can be compared to Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is decentralized and therefore it is the most secured, revolutionary payment structure.

The cannabis cryptocurrency has a unique approach towards establishing trust and recruiting dispensaries to join their network–unique in a sense where no other similar coins have accomplished this. Dispensaries and businesses owners within the cannabis industry are able to receive funding via MotaCoin donations in exchange for certain tiered packages put together in terms of a contract.

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Cannabis Crypto-currency MotaCoin

MotaCoin Mining

The value of MotaCoin (MOTA) is fully backed by enormous mining power, right from the start. The total supply of the cannabis cryptocurrency is 100 million. Miners can earn 75 MOTA per block with 700 GH/S network power. Based on the X13 algorithm, MotaCoin is CPU/GPU mineable. For in depth information regarding the cannabis cryptocurrency mining and setup, refer to the documentation found here:

MotaCoin Distribution

As an incentive for more users to join the MotaCoin network, there is a 12% annual inflation rate due to the POS (Proof of Stake) feature called “staking”. This breaks down to 1% growth on the principal amount every month. In order for users to reap the full 1% each month, their MotaCoin wallet must be powered and be online for the entire time period. This 12% stake rate is meant to compete with Wall Street investments, which typically offer a 6-9% return annually.

Coin Distribution:

  • 46.9%Cannabis Crypto-Currency MotaCoin46,900,000  for Mining (Proof of Work)
  • 10% 10,000,000  for Dispensary Recruitment Fund
  • 11.5% 11,500,000  for Development Fund
  • 30% 30,000,000 Initial Coin Offering @ $0.25 each
  • 1.6% 1,600,000 Bounties / Give Away
  • Plus a 12% Annual Staking/Interest Rate!

MotaCoin Roadmap

The team behind MotaCoin is dedicated to accomplishing a lot within the industry: mobile apps for the Android and iOS wallet, paper wallet generators, an ICO crowdsale, dispensary recruitment and more.

Cannabis Crypto-currency MotaCoin Roadmap

MotaCoin Wallets

Windows and Mac OS wallets are currently available and as of June 11, 2018, MotaCoin has released their mobile Android wallet–available now at the Google Play store. These wallets function beautifully and are aesthetically pleasing given their graphic user interface. The desktop wallets also work with POS (Point of Sale) systems. Whether you are familiar with using cryptocurrency-based wallets or are just now deciding to support this financial ecosystem, the MotaCoin wallet is secure and very easy -to-use.

MotaCoin Windows Wallet:

MotaCoin Mac OS Wallet:

MotaCoin Android App:

MotaCoin Exchange

MotaCoin is officially listed at the TradeSatoshi exchange with multiple trading pairs for $MOTA. New exchange listings are set to occur in the near future:

Cannabis Crypto-currency MotaCoin Exchange

Important Updates regarding MotaCoin:

⦁ MotaCoin is now available on the Blockfolio app (June 13, 2018)

⦁ The whitepaper is currently being perfected with visual appeal and will be made available soon. (We will update this article as soon as it is released)


MotaCoin is dedicated to legitimizing a revolutionary industry, using revolutionary technology. The cannabis market is begging for a financial support system. MotaCoin is the solution to a rapidly expanding $9 billion+ industry that is currently operating without the endorsement of traditional banks. MotaCoin is already working. You can currently run secured wallets via desktop, remote storage, mobile phone and tablet. Paper wallet generators are also to be released in Q2 2018. MotaCoin is available at the TradeSatoshi exchange in multiple $MOTA pairings. Future exchanges are on the way. The coin distribution and promotional packages for Mota will earn early adoption for businesses and users within the cannabis industry. With the cultural shift regarding the public perception of marijuana and the financial paradigm that is cryptocurrency, MotaCoin is here to innovate. MotaCoin is here to stay.

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Cannabis Cryptocurrency MotaCoin